Thank you for visiting Jewel Scott Jones Photos. Here you will be able to navigate and share memories I have had the privilege to record.

Anyone who knows me understands how important photography is to my life. Photography, in simple terms, is recording present light. For me, it means much more. Photography allows me to be present in the past. It is like a time stamp that says you were present, you were there. It is like carving your name in the bark of a tree or tracing your initials in cold, wet cement..."Jewel was here".

Photographs allow us to reminisce and participate in the memory of love, innocence, joy... it is evident by the smile that parts our lips, the hand we place across our chest as a form of endearment or the eyebrows raised in delight. Photographs allow us to see things through someone else’s eyes, walk in someone else’s shoes and sympathize with another's plight. Photographs impel us to think, be more open minded or change our perspective. Photographs are recorded opportunities.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but memories are photographic jewels.


















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